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Yesterday we enjoyed these yummy waffles, with peaches and coconut whipped cream for breakfast! They were so tasty, but beware, they are quite rich! I love light, fluffy, and slightly crispy waffles, but don’t always want to wait forever for my batter to rise using a yeast based recipe. However, after some searching, some trial [...]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

March 11th, 2011

Vanilla Extract from the store is so expensive. So, we thought it would be fun to make it ourselves! The following recipe is seriously one of the easiest I have ever followed, and smells fantastic already! For one cup of vanilla extract the following is needed: 3 Vanilla Beans split lengthwise, leaving the top attached [...]

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a deep love for all things spicy. I remember going to a chili-fest at church when I was about 8 years old and heading straight to the end of the line of different flavored pots of chili and asking for a ladle full of the [...]